RBZ is a design house specialized in providing embedded custom solutions

Founded in 2003, the goal of RBZ is to design electronic equipment fulfilling the needs of our customers and to compliment their research and development departments. To accomplish this goal, RBZ works to be at the leading edge in electronics and embedded systems and to offer our knowledge to you.

SIMPLIA is created to provide SOMs based around crossover processors, parts that fit the gap between microcontrollers and microprocessors. These parts along with connectivity solutions allow to fulfill demanding applications into HMI, IoT and ML applications.

Over the years the company has been optimizing the various business processes from design to production. This improvement process has allowed us to certify our business processes before international certification bodies and our clients’ quality departments. The culture of improvement and change is part of the company.


The company has achieved ISO9001:2005 certification with the scope: Design, development, manufacture and production of software, hardware, cards and electronic equipment

Certification company: BSI
Certification number: FS 666069


RBZ has been a member of NXP’s reference company program since 2008, when we started working with their based solutions.

Since then we have been expanding the number of supported families: PowerPC,, RT and Kinetis.

As a result of this collaboration, RBZ now has achieved the Gold tier inside NXP Connect Partner Program.

RBZ Embedded Logics – NXP Gold